Thursday, 18 February 2010

Guardian not answering...

Having had the first post regarding 'Newspeak' deleted from the Guardian comments board, the replacement and two others on separate articles have, at last looking, been left in place.   I had eliminated the possibility that they could interpret it as commercial by simply referencing the book rather than telling people to read it.  I also make sure the post is relevant to the article.

This leaves the only excuse for deletion as being if the Guardian interpret the book as misrepresentation of their journalists, and by extension the reference of it.  This however would represent a massive loophole for the Guardian, one that would have to be brought to light.

I am glad that the others have stayed up.    Judging by this email exchange I doubt i'll be getting a response regarding the first post:

Dear Sir/Madam

this comment thread, I had a message deleted at 4:33pm, under the name usualsuspect83.  I would very much like to know for what reason it was deleted.


Ben King 


 to me
show details Feb 15 (3 days ago)

If you let us know your user name we can look into this for you. 

Ben King

 to cif.moderation
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Hi. Thanks for the reply. As noted in the previous email my user name is usualsuspect83.
Yours, Ben.

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